Support for B800fs

I’m having problems with the Drobo B800fs and need to get some support. I can’t seem to navigate the support ticket page which I assume is due to no plan that I purchased. But I don’t see how I can simply contact someone to see if my Drobo can be repaired. I know it’s older but was working fine until the cycling of rebott problem. I have a diagnostic file but not much help if I can get it to someone that can read it.

Will Drobo even diagnose this problem or repair the unit of this age?

Sure could use some help.

Hello there!

Drobo (and parent company Storcentric) is currently going out of business. They probably won’t answer many support tickets, especially for an older, out of support device like the B800fs.

The diagnostic files are unfortunately encrypted and only readable by Drobo staff.

Your best bet is to try to get help from these forums. What kind of trouble is your unit having?



Thanks for the update on Drobo’s future. Hate to hear that.

My unit is cycling reboot.

First, all of the bays will light up yellow.

Then they go off and the blue lights on the right sequence through until the top 4 are on and then it stops with the 3rd from the bottom staying on.

A minute or so later it powers down and starts again.

I removed the drives, maintained their order, and started the unit. It appears to start normally with the bay0 red.

Any help or direction will be appreciated. All eight bays are used, 9Tb capacity, 2Tb available.



First thing you should try is to replace the power supply with a known good one. Drobos are known to behave strangely when a power supply begins to fail.

I had a DroboFS, which was similar to your B800fs. Other things to try are to uninstall any DroboApps you may have installed (the DroboFS could install DroboApps, so I assume the B800fs could as well). And reapply the latest firmware (even if you’re already on the latest firmware). I had to do that once or twice on my DroboFS.

But really, the power supply is usually the most likely culprit.

Good luck!



Thanks for the info.

I’m not familiar with any DroboApps. I only use the Dashboard so I don’t know where to look for the apps if there are any.

I have not looked inside the Drobo, but I assume it is a custom power supply. I’m guessing Google or Ebay my only hope for getting a replacement power supply?

Thanks again for your help.


Oh, right! The B800fs had an internal Power Supply, not external like most other Drobos. That complicates things as you’ll need to take it apart.

It’s difficult to find schematics, but I found some information here:

If you can’t repair it and want to recover your data, you can try to locate a replacement B800fs (this model has no migration path: Migration - Drobo). Or, you can use UFS Explorer to mount your Drobo array outside of your Drobo.



How are things going with your B800fs?

Since the power supply is internal and seems to be custom, let’s set this aside for a moment.

If you remove all your drives (making sure to label the order they were in), and insert a single spare drive, does it boot correctly? Can you see it in the Dashboard? Can you access the single disk?

If you can, then there might be a problem with a disk in your disk pack or the power supply is faulty and cannot provide sufficient power for all 8 drives.

If you cannot access the single drive, you might have a problem with the firmware (or the power supply is very bad). This has happened to me on my DroboFS (similar to your B800fs, but with only 5 drive bays). Try to reapply the latest firmware and try again.

I hope that helps!



Thanks for the follow up. I’m taking it slow as I don’t want to do something that will destroy the data.

I posted on Facebook form but not getting valid responses that lead me to action.

You have a good idea on the drive test.

I’m not certain of the idea that it is a custom power supply. I just thought it was a factory product and not custom. But I have not acted on the power issue yet either.

I’ll try the single drive test; I like that one.

Thanks again for the follow up. I’m not finding or getting much information on how to follow up on this problem. I did find several B800fs units on Ebay for about $300.00. So that may be an option in the future.



So I put a spare drive in Bay 0 and it works. I can access it and the dashboard works.

So, if I remove all my existing drives and keep them numbered. I could put spare drives ( I have three) in the Drobo and test it before trying anything with the original drives or the power supply.

So I can have different sets of drives that can be put into the drobo and their data will stay intact. Llike I can have my original 8 drives and another set of these 3 spare drives and switch them out with no problems.

Yes, these are called “Drive Packs” in Drobo parlance. You can have multiple sets and they can migrate from one device to another. So, if you find that your B800fs is faulty, your drive pack should work in another B800fs (provided the firmware version is equal or newer).

Sometimes, a Drobo’s power supply can supply power for one or a few drives, but cannot provide power for a full Drobo (or for more power hungry drives).

But if your drive pack is corrupt, even putting it into another B800fs will not fix your problem. If this is the case, you’ll need to either enlist the help of a data recovery specialist, or use a professional software called UFS Explorer that can mount a Drobo disk pack on different hardware and allows for some troubleshooting. For an 8 disk pack, you would need the “professional recovery” edition, which is a hefty USD630$.

More details can be found here:

Good luck!



Excellent. Thanks, I had not found this service/software.

Someone suggested that since my B800fs with the 8 drives will pause during the boot process with the top 4 blue lights on and stops at the 3 from the bottom blue light that I may try removing the 3rd drive from the bottom. Is that the 3rd from left or 3rd from right? I assume the unit will during with one drive missing. I believe I have it configured where two drives can be missing.

Thanks again for all of you help.

Dual Disk Redundancy (where you can have 2 drives fail) is generally optional, but you may have previously enabled it.

If you’re sure of the drive that has failed, you can try removing it. HOWEVER, once you remove a drive, your Drobo’s disk pack will be in “data protection mode”. Basically, it will be rebuilding its array. If you remove the wrong drive and it doesn’t fix your problem, you could be in worse shape than you are right now. If you can get someone from Drobo to read your diagnostic file, they might be able to tell which drive (if any) is failing. They have been able to do this for me in the past on my 5N2 (Drobo Dashboard did not detect a failure in the drive, but the diagnostic file did).

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find anyone in support at Drobo right now. :frowning: I wish they would just make their diagnostic file reader public, if they are not going to be providing support anymore. Anywho…

Someone else in these forums might be able to tell you if performing diagnostics on individual drives (ex: SMART tests) would change the structure of the disk and make it unusable in your disk pack. I personally have no experience with this myself.