Support contact turnaround time?

Has anyone here spoken directly with “the” drobopro support person? I’m just wondering what the expected turnaround time might be … I’ve got a couple of pretty serious issues that I’m hoping to resolve and I filed a support ticket 11 days ago and haven’t had a contact yet. I did call back support 4 days after I filed the ticket as I hadn’t heard anything yet and in fact wanted to start another support ticket, but the person I spoke told me that my ticket had been escalated a couple of days before then (but I got no notification of it) and that I was in queue to have the support person contact me and that I shouldn’t bother opening another ticket but just discuss it with them when they contacted me.

I’ve had no contact to date and am starting to get a little concerned as it will be 2 weeks on monday since I filed the support request.

Seems a tad excessive to me…

I would call back and try to get some answers…

Yes I think I will try that later in the day today. I just want to make sure I’ve not gotten lost in the shuffle.

I was contacted today from the drobopro support person. Nothing momentous but they know that I’m in line at the very least.