super slow 5n :(

hi everyone,

I have a drobo5n that is super slow when accessing data, this could be from opening a 400kb pic to a 10meg pic or even when traying to watch a video that’s stored in it. media player just freezes and crashes.

i have two 2TB Seagate Barracudas

i have a 1gb nic on my pc that connects to an ea3500 linksys router which also has 1gig ports.

I try to copy anything to and from using teracopy and the speed i get is in the low kb’s per second…at times i might get a meg or two but then it goes back down…very frustrating.

my drobo is running the latest firmware 3.1.1 [8.35.45]. the health information on the drobo and hard drives shows as good.

how can i speed this puppy up?!?!

Apply standard procedures:
-check/swap cables
-connect directly without switch/router
-check router config
-check pc config

don’t really know what “teracopy” is, but change how you connect, i.e. smb vs. afp or if this is a tool - change that.


hi, have you checked in case something else is automatically trying to use it at the same time?
some antivirus is set to be more aggressive, and actively scans all reads and writes, and also everything else in that folder (or nested folders) depending on configuration.
some search indexing can affect it too.

also, if you were using a DAS model drobo on windows, id suggest running a chkdsk on each volume (1 drive letter at a time) in case there are some filesystem errors which are causing problems, but im not too sure how to do that on a 5n.

another thing to bear in mind, is that if you ahve recently deleted a large amount of data (or lots of small files etc) then it might be reclaiming the free space, which might also have an effect on the speeds you are seeing?

Some notes:

First and foremost, if you’re using this wirelessly you want to make sure you have the latest generation N router (450meg rated) or better. I suffered terrible access rates (less than 8 meg a second) until upgrading my router to something beefier.

Second: Raids gain efficiency with the number of drives you stripe across. In the absence of sufficient disks to take advantage of read/write scaling, msata read cache is most helpful.