Suggestions for Replacing a 5D3

I’m not certain how reliable my current Drobo 5D3 is, nor how long it will be supported by Drobo or Apple (boot warnings from macOS that the kernel extension may not be supported in future OS releases). Restarted the Mac today and the Drobo failed to mount. I received an OS warning that the drive was not readable. I opened the Drobo dashboard and it showed only one drive in the 5D3, but the physical enclosure showed all 5 drive bays green. I rebooted the 5D3 via Drobo Dashboard and then everything mounts and shows green as if nothing has happened. I think I have been running this enclosure since about 2012 so it could be about time for it to go. I had hoped to replace it with an 8 series, but it seems this may die before any new Drobos are made.

Does anyone have any suggestions for Thunderbolt 3 or 4 replacement enclosures that can support 40+ TB?


I’m more of a NAS than a DAS person, so take my advice with a pinch of salt.

For NAS, the main alternatives for Drobo or Synology and QNAP.

For DAS, the two companies I’ve seen referenced in these forums have been Promise and OWC.

I don’t think either has a 5-bay model. It’s always 4 or 8, from what I saw in the past. But feel free to check them out:

Good luck!



Thank you for the response and suggestions. I have experience with both, but my experience with Macs and NAS has been more negative than positive.

I’m familiar with OWC and have owned some of their storage devices in the past. I’m not familiar with Promise, though I see they are listed on the Apple Store in 4, 6, and 8 bay configurations.

An 8D would have been ideal since I could migrate the drives over and have additional room to expand. Right now I’m debating between a 6 and 8 bay Promise and leaning towards 8.

Thank you for your input!


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