Stuck Hard Drive

Drobo Gen 2 (Firewire): I have a WD RED 5TB hard drive in Bay 1 (top bay) that won’t come out. I tried pulling out the drive but it only pops out about 1/4 inch after pushing the release lever on the side. I would push the drive back in, then try to release it again but have been unsuccessful. I had the Drobo shutdown, while trying to remove the drive. The drive still works and has a green light.
I have own the Drobo for many years, but never had a issue where a drive can’t come out. Has anyone else run into this problem?

I’ve had drives stick sometimes. I usually get a screwdriver or something and gently pry it back and forth until it releases enough to grab.

hi, sometimes if i wasnt at the correct angle (or height level as my drobo) i noticed it was harder to add or remove a drive, but once at the correct angle there was no problem.

in your case though, it might not just be an angle issue, though if the drive was inside and running for quite a while, they can also get pretty hot and maybe if you can try to let it cool down, it might be a bit easier after the metal contracts a bit. (if it was already just about sliding in when the drive was cold, it could get stuck if the metal expands?)

(as far as remember, i think it was only some samsung spinpoint models that had larger rubber feet that needed to be removed to fit properly. does it seem to be catching near the spring release clip, or is it not coming out of the backplane connection fully?)