Stuck at "38 hours remaining"

Whenever my Drobo is unplugged for more than a month or so it isn’t happy when it gets plugged back in and needs to do it’s thing for an hour or so.

Well, I just plugged it in after sitting dormant for two months got a disturbing response. Immediately, drive 3 was red. I opened up the dashboard and it said that one of the drives was unplugged. I turned it off, unplugged and replugged all the drives, turned it back on, and this time drive 4 was red.

After a minute or so, it decided to start “data protection in progress,” and all four drives started flashing yellow/green. Totally normal though, no worries.

14 hours later, I find Drobo whirring away, lots of hard drive noises. Strange… I decide to open up Dashboard to find that the progress bar seems to be in the EXACT spot it was after 15 minutes of “data protection in progress” last night.

For the last four hours Drobo has been mostly silent, with sporadic hard drive sounds lasting 10-15 seconds every few minutes. The progress bar has not moved and the time remaining has stayed firmly at 38 hours.

My data is still accessible from the Drobo and I have it backed up via online backup, but I’m still concerned about it. I know that sometimes it takes a while to go through this sort of thing, but the fact that the hours remaining has been stuck at 38 for a long while doesn’t seem good.

I have 2.22TB of data on four 1.5TB hard drives. I am running Firmware 1.4.1 (1.254.43359).

Any thoughts? Should I upgrade the firmware to 1.4.2?

do you move it when unplug it / plug it back in?

Yeah, but not like packing it up and shipping it across the country, more like picking it up and putting it in a drawer. Always super careful with it.[hr]
I just did three or four Drobo Dashboard updates in a row and now it’s saying 7 hours remaining. Wonder if that’s just the new software recalculating the time or if it’s actually made progress.

I’ll let it sit for a few more hours.

Just looked again, 67 hours, then a few seconds later 73 hours. So… at least it’s updating the time now.

How worried should I be about this?

hi when you say “red” is it flashing?
(ive had a solid red light for a while when it became quite full) but was other wise ok[hr]
(when i upgraded a 1tb drive into a 1.5tb drive, it did a relayout, and that took about 3-4days)
if your unit is doing a relayout, then it might take that long as well, give or take.

like when docchris asked about moving, maybe some jolts during movement caused a drive to become unseated firmly in its slot, and its possible it might be what caused a relayout, but what are the lights doing during the red light?[hr]
if you have everything already backed up etc, then you might as well let it run its course if you can
(ive learned from my experiences that my drobo tended to churn away, when it needed to do so) - and thankfully its still fine atm :slight_smile:

Sometimes the progress bar in Dashboard gets stuck and Dashboard needs to be restarted. So long as it’s staying connected to Dashboard and is accessible, don’t interrupt the relayout. In future after moving the Drobo, re-seat the drives before plugging it back in.

If you do see the Drobo freeze/unexpectedly reboot during the rebuild, please open a support ticket with a diag attached. This usually indicates a problem with a drive.

It the first time it was red I believe it was flashing, the second time, I believe it was solid, but I don’t remember for certain.

I typically reseat the drives before I turn the unit, but I didn’t do it this time. I turned it on, realized something was amiss, shut it off, and reseated everything.

Is it possible that it briefly saw one drive as unplugged, started to rebuild, then when I reseated the third drive, decided to do some sort of more intensive rebuild? I don’t have any theory or explanation for the forth drive being red after reseating.

It does appear to still be making progress, 64 hours now. Oddly, in dashboard, it’s showing six blue LEDs lit, but on the actual unit there are only five.

The time until completion is now updating with consistency (and updating in the right direction too) and the progress bar is actually filling in.

Hopefully, I’ll check in again ~61 hours from now and give an update saying everything is good.

we look forward to that :slight_smile:

Well, 44-46 hours later (not exactly sure, I was out), “Drobo is healthy and has sufficient capacity.”

It’s still showing six lit lights in dashboard, but only five lights on the physical unit, but no big deal.

its good to hear its showing green/healthy again.

maybe if you clost the dashboard and then wait a few minutes and launch dashboard again it might update the blue lights like sky said in case it gets stuck.

(are you on windows? for my drobo on xp, if there’s anything unusual such as a disconnected usb or drive letter for a drobo volume, or power cut etc, i usually run a chkdsk with the /x command after closing down any other programs that might be using the drobo, one volume at a time, to search and fix any potential issues.)

if you have your files backed up and can run a “simulated” backup or something else to verify your files are all ok, it might be good to try (or a checkdisk) - it takes me between 1-3 hours to run it but all good so far and i must have done that at least 20 times per volume :)[hr]
btw once youre happy things are ok, could you try to do a “full edit” on your very 1st post, just to update the “icon” with a thumbs up or something just to help show that the thread is resolved?

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