I’m not a advanced network person but usually get by.
I have a DROBO FS and have plugged it into my wireless router - works great, all the macs in the house see it and have shared areas - phew.

I now want to put some apps onto the DROBO so have installed Apache and Drobo admin but I then get to the part where it tells me to change my IP address to a static one to get to the web browser to run apps etc. As soon as I do this I obviously loose wireless connection so plug the DROBO direct into the macbook which I set it up on. I change its IP settings to that in the manual and reboot. I can see the droboapps folder in finder but when I open up a new web browser and paste in the link it just fails to connect.
My goal was to run firefly etc at home to stream music but I’m now struggling. Do I need Firefly or can I make i-Tunes see DROBO direct?
Thanks in advance