Streaming VOb, ISO

HI Guys,

I have ripped a few of my dvds? I was wondering is it possible to stream via network , as I have a mini mac connected to my TV?

The files are ISO, Vob formate

Which apps I need? of there a how to do link thread? I have googled around, and it’s a bit vague

Use XBMC or PLEX. Both take a bit of fussing to get to how you want them but thats the best bet.

Set your drobo as a SMB share via the apples preferences>sharing>file sharing

Then in PLEX of XBMC you will see the drobo, select the folder your films are in and bob is your uncle as they say.

Thanks for that.

I am new to this. I am using MAc and win 7. The media players are mac. Drobo NTFS format connected to Droboshare.

just want the mini mac to stream the files.

thanks for the heads up

In this case you need to setup file sharing on your Windows 7 PC.

The MacMini can then connect to the file share so it can access your ISO and VOB files.
For an ISO file you should be able to open it on your Mac as a disk image (just double-click and it should mount up). This could then probably be played back using QuickTime or the FrontRow Application using your Mac remote.
If you have trouble getting it to work with these apps then VLC media player (free download) can play back VOB files from a Disc or Directory.