Streaming speeds and Crucial mSATA question

First post, I tried to investigate my issue and the community looks active so I think it would be best if I just asked my questions instead of reviving other threads <3

I have stuttering when streaming large video files recently while I did not in the past. They files are in excess of 6gb, 1080 and 720 mkv’s. I have the device mounted via the dashboard to my Win7 pc.

Drobo 5N has 4 x 4GB WD Red Nas drives and a Crucial m500 mSATA. Network is on an Asus RT-AC66U and everything is gigabit (or should be, I will re-confirm but assume it is).

I did not have stuttering before the mSATA and did not get any after immediately installing it. It has been about a month now with it in. The dashboard shows that everything is in working order.

Question (1)
If the device is replicating / copying data for backup purposes, will the dashboard show this activity or would it be transparent and could this be the cause of my lag? I copy files from PC -> Drobo in chunks daily and assume the data replication is immediate or shortly after and it happens overnight while I’m asleep. TL;DR is there always visibility to the replication if there is any, I remember seeing long hours of replicating when I first copied my library over to the 5N but not since.

Question (2)
Are there “best practices” to monitoring the drive(s) activity? Windows shows it as one big drive and I can probably see read/write activity (what software is recommended by the community?).

Question (3)
I’ve found two threads now where Crucial mSATA drives have failed. I don’t know if those users had their drives showing as “dead” in the dashboard or not and I realize I need to perform a test myself, pulling out the mSATA and testing to see if I get the same stuttering but… is there a consensus among the community that the Crucial mSATA’s do not perform/work in the 5N?


Edit - Question 4)
If there are optimal settings for network configuration I would ask if anyone could share what they are using. I saw some user with a signature about disabled jumbo frames. I would heed any advice.

I think that’s it for this first post until I can see responses / feedback.

(1) There is no visual indication that the Drobo is reorganizing its storage short of the warnings of “data protection in progress” that you get when a bad disk is replaced. Data is replicated immediately, but every once in while the Drobo will optimize the the distribution of data on the disks. That optimization is not reported anywhere.

(2) There is an htop DroboApp on DroboPorts that will show you CPU load and IO wait times, which can be used to infer disk activity.

(3) The dashboard will show the SSD as defective.

(4) With the 5N the default network settings seem to be the best.

thank you for the response.

also you might be able to use the win7 (task manager) performance tool called Resource Monitor, which might also show usage pattens and reads and writes etc.

also the “process explorer” from sysinternals can also let you do a handle/dll search of your drobo.
eg: if your drobo drive letter is “H”, you search for “h:” without quotes
and it will show you all handles open currently… dont actually close any, but it might help pinpoint something.

also, if you have done some windows updates, maybe your drive indexing was re-enabled?
that can slow things down too. (eg i turned mine off, and instead use “cathy” by r vasicek to index and search for drobo files).

Hi, I don’t have an answer sorry but we have very similar set-ups and I too have streaming issues. I experience random stops when watching movies.

3XWD 3TB Red drives
Crucial 120 GB mSATA
Asus RT-AC66R or WRT54G
Streaming to Amazon Fire TV, WD TV, Roku 2. All decoding is being done on these boxes.

Everything points to the Drobo. I’ve tested different routers, wired and WiFi connections, new LAN cables, SMB and NFS shares, movies in many different formats. I’ve shut down all other devices on the network to ensure that nothing is backing up to the Drobo.

I’ve recently enabled Jumbo Frames on both the Drobo and router. Didn’t make a difference.

I have no idea what to try next. Thoughts?

Count me in the group of random stopping while watching movies. Usage and troubleshooting similar to alanant post on 08-21-2014.
Most recent attempt was to install Plex server on Mac and point to use files/library on the Drobo, streaming works great. Assumption points to Drobo N not able to stream??[hr]
Ha, found this in another post stream, confirms my assumption Drobo does NOT have the guts (processing power) to run the PLEX app.

RE: Available Plex is not the Latest!!
As nice as it is to have Plex run on the same appliance storing your media, the Drobo processor isn’t up to the task when transcoding is needed. I recommend running PMS on a separate computer (with UNC paths to your stored media) to let Plex fully shine.

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