Strange Mount Problem


When I mount a volume from within in finder it is mounted with the name you would expect (e.g. /Volumes/Documents).

However, if I mount the same ‘Documents’ volume using Drobo Dashboard (clicking the mount checkbox), it is mounted quite strangely - /Volumes/DroboFS/0dbxxxxxxxxx/1/Documents.

The x’s are the serial number of my Drobo FS.

Now where this causes an issue is with apps that rely on the path of a particular volume…for example I originally set up iTunes to use /Volumes/iTunes as the location of my media library, but to transition to using drobo dashboard I would have to start from scratch (not just iTunes by the way).

Is this a bug or by design???

By design - although God knows why, since it causes problems with everything from iTunes to Plex.

My advice - don’t use Drobo Dashboard for mounting. An AppleScript will serve just as well.

[code]-- Set some initial properties
set AFPName to “Drobo”
set shareList to {“Anime”, “Video”, “Dante”}

– Check the keychain for login credentials
tell application “Keychain Scripting”
set DroboKey to first Internet key of current keychain whose name is AFPName and description is “Network Password”
set shareAccount to account of DroboKey
set sharePassword to password of DroboKey
– Set up the user/pass portion of the location
set auth to shareAccount & “:” & sharePassword & “@”
on error
– If no credentials are found, login as a guest
set auth to “”
end try
end tell

– Mount volumes using retrieved credentials
tell application “Finder”
repeat with share in shareList
– Open location opens a window, Mount volume does not
mount volume “afp://” & auth & AFPName & “.local/” & share
end repeat
on error
display dialog "Problems were encountered while mounting " & share & “.”
end try
end tell[/code]

Paste this into AppleScript editor and tweak the name of your Drobo and shares, then save it as an application. When you run it the first time, you’ll have to give it permission to access the keychain. After that, you can make this a login item and it will mount them all properly, where Apple intended.