Strange file on my DroboFS

I noticed on a few shares that I’m now seeing this file in the root of the share:


It appears that previously, I was attached to these shares with AFP, and now I’m attached with SMB.

I found this posted on another forum about this issue:

[quote]The _vuc69 Files are only visible in samba because the LinuxFS displays them with a different name.
This occurs only if you use a Apple Macintosh on a Linux Fileserver (netatalk shares).

The Mac stores some information in files called :2eDS_Store and :2eFBCIndex. You can find these in every directory and its sub-directories.
Since a : as a start-characted is not allowed in a smb-share samba reinterprets this as _vuc69.

veto files = /.AppleDouble/.AppleDB/.bin/.AppleDesktop/Network Trash Folder/:2eDS_Store/

add the above and u will be fine[/quote]

Is there a better fix for this? A way to force my Macs to connect with AFP all the time?

Anyone else seeing this issue?

yeap. i see all those whenever i ftp in