Strange behavior, help

I am having very strange behavior with my 2nd gen Drobo direct attached via firewire to a MacMini running BigSur. Sometimes when I reboot the computer the Drobo automatically shows up in the finder (after about 5 minutes), sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t I simply unplug the Drobo then reboot it and soon everything is fine. Recently though I have been getting notices that I need to eject the Drobo before disconnecting it. Of course, I didn’t disconnect it. What is especially funny is the Drobo still shows in the finder as being there but it has disappeared from the Dashboard (my networked attached 5N2 is still there) but if I click on it on the finder no files show up. Any thoughts?

If you are using Big Sur ensure you are using latest Dashboard version, you can download from here:
Start Drobo - Drobo. (Download from Gen 3).

Also, check the following:

  • Disable Power Nap. This is located in System Preferences> Energy Saver > Power Nap
  • Uncheck - Put hard disk to sleep when possible
  • Move Drobo in System Preferences, Spotlight > Privacy
  • Plug directly into Wall outlet
  • Run Disk Utility > First Aid on the Drobo
  • Ensure you are using Supported drives, see: Can I really use any hard drive I want in Drobo?

I contacted Apple support (the main reason apple products are worth the extra cost up front IMHO) and they had me run through a bunch of resets on the computer. Since then I haven’t seen an issue. I have also, since then, made some of the changes in system preferences suggested by Valorie above.