Still can't connect

It’s something new all the time. Now I can’t connect to the drobo Fs because of the following message . . .

“Operation failed.
Drobo Dashboard could not mount the selected share because a system resource is in use.”

There are no system resources in use that I’m aware of since I just powered up my computer. Any ideas?


Restarted server. Now it connects. I can’t restart the Fs every time I want to access a share or directory. This is frustrating.

Next time it happens, check your mapped network shares - that message is often because a share is trying to mount on a drive letter that’s already in use.
NET USE at Command Prompt

Isn’t there a bug in Dashboard which prevents mounting via it? I can map the shares directly in Windows.

What doesn’t work for me is connecting to the Drobo FS via smb (nfs is fine) using a PCH-C200 media player. It thinks that nothing is being shared. No problem connecting to my Acer H340 from it ( I got the Acer because of this problem). I don’t trust the Acer, but it’s been pretty darned nice with no problems at all. Still. it would be nice to see what it is that the Drobo FS is doing to make it seem as though there are no shares. To be fair, only that one media player has problems with the Drobo FS. Every other one connects fine.

It would be nice to be able to specify a subfolder as an exported resource in smb.conf, but that doesn’t seem possible.


If there is a bug in dashboard that prevents mounting on start up that would explain a lot. I’ve only tried it once since upgrading to 1.7.3 but so far my shares/directories have mounted at start up. There is no documentation as to whether this was actually fixed on the upgrade so it may just be coincidence. (I’m running OS 10.6.4)

If you only need the shares mounted when you log in, you could:

  1. Unmount the shares in Dashboard and desect them so they won’t mount again next reboot.
  2. Mount the shares manually using Go->Connect to Server… (or command-K) in the Finder. Make sure you save the user names and passwords (if any) to the Keychain.
  3. Open the Accounts preference pane and drag the mounted shares from the Finder into Login Items for your account.
    If you do this, the FS shares will mount every time you log in.

This has the benefit of making the name used for the share in /Volumes consistent. Every now and again the FS (and more so Droboshare) have a hiccup and mount the shares under a slightly different directory path.