Step by step Appinstall guide


I might be tierd, as it is late where I am when I write this, but I cannot get my head around if I am doing the App install correctly.

When I download from Drobo App place…I get a win-rar file. Do I extract that to DroboApp folder or do I just copy the package there…and if so then what? Or is it all wrong… Can someone give me a hand here?

Would be great!

From the DroboApps FAQ

Q: How do I install a particular DroboApp?
A: Installation will vary by DroboApp and according to if it is for use with Drobo or DroboShare. In general, the installation process for DroboShare involves dragging and dropping the installation package into the “DroboApps” folder on your Drobo that was created when DroboApps were enabled through Drobo Dashboard.

You must then restart your DroboShare. When DroboShare restarts, the application will be unpackaged and installed (sometimes this may take a few moments). Individual applications may require additional steps to complete installation or setup.

Here’s what happens when an application is installed: DroboShare will create a directory beneath DroboApps with the same name as the installation package. The application will be installed into that directory and the installation package file itself will be deleted.

Can you explain how I can enable DroboApp if I don’t have DroboShare? The only instruction that I can find seems to be DroboShare related; and since I don’t have DroboShare, my Setup option under DroboShare is grey out.

So, is it possible to run DroboApp without having DroboShare? If so, how? Any help is greatly appreciated![hr]

BTW, the app that I really want to use is the Windows Capacity Filter. I downloaded the TransportManager and copied the dll to the CapacityDaemon folder, but the daemon still could not start. If someone can further explain how to get the daemon work, it will greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

(I’m running Vista sp2, with Drobo Dashboard 1.6.1)

No. Not on a normal Drobo unit, at least. I’m not sure about the Pro/S/Elite.