startup showing wrong usage at first

i recently did some maintenance to a windows 2008r2 server that has a drobopro attached to it using iSCSI (latest dashboard 1.6.7 and firmware 1.1.4) when the maintenance where completed i started the drobo, at first the dashboard displayed that the used total space where like 10% of the available space, and after about 10 seconds later it jumped back up to the 80% that i expected at first, horrifying 10 seconds since the maintenance i where doing was to replace a faulty backup for the drobopro.

has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour so i can consider this to be normal for the drobopro/dashboard or should i drag this device out in the woods?

I hope someone on this forum have a good clue.

on boot-mine starts off at zero… then as it mounts each volume, that gets added to the “used space” in turn

you can watch in explorer as the drive letters come online - and drobo doenst suddenly pop them all in at once, it mounts the volumes one after the other, and the used space reflects the volumes it has mounted, so it will only be accurate once it has finished mounting all volumes (30-60 seconds)

in short -perfectly normal,nothing to worry about

im glad to hear this, sure you understand why i choked at first when i saw this behaviour. a broken backup and broken storage is not a good way to start a week.