Standby when USB not connected

Win XP Pro
Drobo 2
[]1 TB

Why does the Drobo freak out when it does not have a connection point? It shouldn’t matter to a RAID whether it’s got a connection (USB, firewire, anything) - it shouldn’t go into standby mode when that kind of connection isn’t present?

I shut down the computer last night not thinking about it and when I got up this morning to do some work, saw the Drobo turned off!

It took ten minutes of sweat and nerves to watch the red and blue lights blink back and forth until the Drobo decided to mount again.

Is there any way to prevent this thing from going into its standby mode when a USB connection isn’t present? I really hate that…

basically no

it doenst NEED a connection at all - its just a power saving feature

its more of a point… why would you want it turned on and running when its not connected to anything?

this is totally by design and is well documented - it power cycles depending on whether its connected to anythin go rnot.[hr]
and it doesnt “freak out” it just goes into standby - a slight exaggeration on your part there.

and why the sweat and nerves when you turn it on? do you get sweaty and nervous when your pc/mac boots too?

Because if it’s not going to be running, it should be put into standby mode, correct?

If I am not putting it into standby mode via the Dashboard before going into “powersave” mode, then I am running the risk of losing data…

I get that it is intuitively trying to conserve power, but I also would like to have control over that if at all possible. Since I use the Drobo as a “catch-all” for both my docs, pics, vids, etc., I dont want to wait ten minutes while it cycles up after being in “power save” mode.

If that’s the case, what’s the difference between the Drobo and cloud computing? It’s like I paid for a box that I have no control over - not my ideal situation by any means…


not correct.

if you shutdown your PC - then by definition it wont have any files open on drobo.

drobo then goes into standby

why do you think that could cause you to loose data???

What if he uses Suspend to RAM/Disk?

“If I am not putting it into standby mode via the Dashboard before going into “powersave” mode”

they are EXACTLY the same thing[hr]

I’m not 100% sure, but i dont think drobo will go into standby in that case - from memory i dont thikn mine did

i only have a 'pro over iscsi now so not quite the same

Wait a second. When going into standby (like when you shut your computer down), Drobo spins the disks down and the LED goes orange. It doesn’t go through the full “cold” boot-up procedure with “walking” capacity lights and stuff when being woken-up from standby. It does that only when you physically turn its power off and on. Or at least it should be the case - if not, contact the support.

I don’t get this data loss risk thing, either. When you shut your computer down, the OS takes care to finalize every ongoing operation and leave the filesystem in a consistent state. Before using Drobo, did you explicitly unmount the drives or something before turning your computer off? The Dashboard standby option is meant to be used for safe Drobo disconnection WHILE the OS is up and running.

Drobo will go to standby when the computer is put into Standby, if the computer uses S3 standby (STR).
If the computer uses S1 standby (POS), then the USB ports are still active (data-wise) and Drobo stays on.
Most computers let you choose between S1 (POS) and S3 (STR) Sleep modes in the BIOS.

Drobo will go to standby when the computer is put into Hibernate (S4) as well, as the system power is turned off and it’s in a state very close to soft-off.

There’s a nice summary of the system power modes here.

In either case there’s no risk of data loss or unfinished business (I’ll clarify in a bit) as long as the device is still present when the system wakes up from sleep/suspend or hibernation. Unless, of course, the machine crashes in the wake process or something - but that’s the fault of the machine, not the device.

Waking from Suspend/Sleep without the device connected can result in unfinished business. It could result in data loss if the OS doesn’t flush the disk cache before going to suspend/sleep, but I’m pretty sure Windows does flush the cache first, as it’s safer. It can also result in BSOD.

Waking from Hibernate without the device connected can only result in unfinished business. It can also result in BSOD.

By data loss I mean a write to the disk that the OS has initiated, but does not complete successfully. “Data loss” can cause filesystem corruption. This would be like disconnecting a drive while it’s in the middle of writing. What the OS was asked to do was not completed successfully.

By unfinished business I mean that all requested writes have completed. However, the system may not have finished what it was doing. This would be like copying two folders to a drive in two separate operations.
You copy the first folder, but before you start to copy the second folder, you pull out the drive.
The first folder’s contents have been safely written and its content is safe. The filesystem is safe too.
What the OS was asked to do (copy the first folder) was completed successfully. What you intended to do (copy both folders), however, did not complete.
Another way to look at this would be closing your browser before you hit Post Reply. Nothing is harmed or damaged, but I didn’t finish was I was doing.