Stalled Rebuild and no Dashboard

I have 4 Bay / USB 2.0/FW800 drobo. I have all WD green hard drives two 3TB and two 2TB drives. I replaced one of the 2TB drives with another 3TB WD Green due to low space issues. It started to rebuild on Wednesday the 15th and it is still showing all four blinking orange and green lights. The problem is that it is no longer mounted on my Mac and no Dashboard software access.

I shutdown my Mac unplugged power from my Mac and rebooted several times and even plugged the Drobo into another Mac laptop via Fireware and USB and no luck. I have idea the progress or is it stuck? It was been running going on 4 days now.

Question is since I can’t do a diag file and send it because there is no Dashboard access and I can’t mount or get a status of the rebuild do I power off the Drobo and let it start over or just wait another 2 or 3 days? I can’t use any data on it because it will not mount on any machine?

Any suggestions would be appreciated,



What firmware do you have on your 4-bay Drobo? You need to have a recent firmware to support >2 TB drives.

At this point it’s best to contact Drobo support before trying anything else (as that could result in data loss).

I will note that during a rebuild access to 4-bay Drobo (even just normal mounting of the unit) is EXTREMELY slow. It took over a half hour to mount once…

Thanks, It finally finished almost 5 days later. I did a shutdown of the Drobo and then rebooted and the data was there and all green lights. I guess upgrading from a 2TB to 3TB disk with large files just takes a long time. Glad I waited it out.

Thanks again.

Whew! Good to hear.