Hey guys,

I’ve got the ftp and ssh users up and running just fine, BUT they disappear every time the device is rebooted. I’ve run the root_passwd script to make the root password changes persistent, but is there a way to make the SSH and FTP users persistent as well?


I am assuming your dealing with a DroboFS.

If you created the users from DroboDashboard, they should come back after reboot.

If you ssh’d into the droboFS and added the users, then they are going to be gone after rebooting the DroboFS. (note. if you changed root’s password from ‘root’ to something else, after reboot it will be back to ‘root’.

Sorry, I might not have been clear.

We’re talking about a DroboFS.

Root pass was changed via the dropbear script that persistently changes it. All is well there.

Regular dashboard users lack a proper home/dir and shell type, thereby negating FTP access. Even if I were to change them, it will be re-written on reboot… so that won’t help me.

Why can’t the shell users I make be written into the OS like the others?

read this thread: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1127

if you are inclined, there are details in it that explain what file to manually update to persist your users. that thread is what eventually led to the hackish dropbear script that was added to change the root password. the details apply to more than just the root user.