SSD Warning

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I have received a warning that a new drive was added and not to shut down the drobo. It says the new drive is the ssd in the accelerator slot, which has been in there since new. Is this a possible sign the ssd could be on its way out? In the dashboard it showing “Warning (Life 100%)” highlighted in yellow So am confused.

Apart from the warning i get telling me to add another drives as am low on space (15% Free) i have had no problems with the unit.

Could the ssd be full? I have rebooted the unit to flush the ssd, everything appears ok, but it still shows the same on health for the ssd

Any help would be appreciated


hi hoggis, im not yet aware of an msata not working due to getting full… as far as i understood it, the msata was just there as a read cache, where data is put there and its contents can vary depending on what is believed to be best in terms of optimisaiton. i think if anything needed to be put there, older content with less weighting would be purged to make room.

im not sure why life being 100% would show yellow warning, but seeing as there is a known Yellow low space warning when the drobo reaches about 85% full, maybe if you get a chance, you could copy/verify some data onto your computer, maybe just 5GB and to delete it from the drobo, (just to get the used space to drop down to say 84% used), and then to see if the usual yellow low space warning goes away, with drives going back to all solid green lights,
and then to also see if the msata status changes in some way too?

hi paul

sorry for late reply, i have managed to get the available space back down so the status is now green. I have also updated to the latest firmware as of today and the ssd is showing 100% life but still shows warning in yellow.


thanks hoggis for more info,
if your main drobo is back to all green, that is good, but i think if you try shutting down the drobo via dashboard, and then restarting your computer, dashboard, and the drobo again, does the ssd status still show the warning?
if so, it might be worth raising a ticket with the support team (especially if still in support), just in case they can spot what is causing that in case there actually is an issue, for example, maybe that ssd is running low on spare sectors in the ssd sense, or spare cells). Usually that is not as much of an issue on the larger ssds, but is probably worth investigating further with support of you can.

alternatively, there might be some free utils that you could try using to analyse the ssd yourself (though you would need to shutdown from dashboard and shutdown all and unplug all power etc , and carefully remove the ssd, without tilting the drobo which can damage the backplane if drives are still inside, and then put things back again, including drives if you removed them, and then power back up and continue etc) - in some cases it may be worth raising a ticket for the diagnosis, (even for a small one time cost in case out of support, rather than doing the above steps, though whatever you feel happy or comfortable to do is up to you) :slight_smile:

did you ever get the answer to why 100% is amber. mine is doing it too.

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I am also seeing my mSATA Health status showing amber text: Warning (Life 100%) . I see a couple of people have had similar issues since 2016, but I am not seeing a solution posted for this condition. Not sure what I can or should proactively do with this information. I also don’t know what steps to take to reduce the data content on the mSATA. Otherwise, my Drobo reports 4 other drives GOOD and one HEALED and all are green.