My mSata is about 10 months old. The Drobo Dashboard said the drive had 7% health left. I contacted Samsung for warranty repair. They wiped the data, ran it through a number of tests, updated the firmware, and sent it back. They said it passed all of their tests.

It came back today. I turned off my 5N, popped in the mSata, and watched the Drobo Dashboard as it booted. At first the mSata health said 100% and I was pleased. After booting, the dashboard now says “Good (Life 7%)” again. It is still green, but what should I do now? At this point I’m guessing I’ll leave it in until it fails.

Could this be the same case as with regular drives where the Drobo is just more sensitive?
But seriously, 100% to 7%.

Samsung just called me to do a QA survey. I explained what happened and gave them a low score (1 out of 7). I then had them transfer me to technical support. I told them what happened and they are going to exchange the unit. Today the dashboard says the health is down to 6%.

hi evercode,
its interesting about the 7% (or 6% as later saw)…

if the same msata was recognised as having a certain amount of cells used (or seen as working in a certain way for those cells), then it would be understandable if it continued from where it left off, though i would be interested in seeing how the new replacement goes, and also if it is a similar model or a different one.

can you remember if it was 100% when you first installed it? (it might have been, though just wondering)
also, if my basic maths (and 1 coffee) is ok :slight_smile: … is that model 250GB raw?

if so, 250 (*0.9 estimate) * ~80k read/writes = about 18000000 GB throughput?
in about 10 months of usage, do you have any other info about your data and usage, and any database-related programs (or searching indexing) that might help to account for the amount used?

It’s the 120GB model. The drobo mostly stores video files (and runs Plex) although there is a portion set aside for TimeMachine backups.

Yes, when the mSata was new, it stayed at 100% for quite a while (months).

ah thanks for the clarification,
using the same coffee maths, it looks like about 8640000 GB of throughput, but maybe the max values are not always reached… if you can think of a way to work out approximately how much data your backups take, at the maximum, and how often the backup/scanning takes place, maybe there is a way to see if the values match up (including the most you ever copied or accessed your videos in a day and times it by how long you had it) - it might be interesting just to see if it would tally up in some way, but only if you have time or incliniation as might be better to just watch some more videos while you wait for your replacement msata :slight_smile:

Well, the replacement showed up today.
Health: Good (Life 100%)


cool, evercode.
if you fancy a test, it might be worth trying a month trial of DUmeter, just to see how much network traffic you use in a month :slight_smile:

It’s down to 99% already. :\

oh how much data did you access yesterday?

I copied my 99GB iTunes library TO the Drobo to offload the space from my computer.

Down to 97% today.

88%. I’ve changed my backup program that doesn’t seem to churn the drives nearly as much. Hopefully that will extend the life.