Squeezebox App

I’ve just bought a squeezebox and, very stupidly, it didn’t occur to me that it required a specific server to be running in order to see the music files on my network. So, I’m going to have to setup a small Linux server to announce the files on the Drobo.

It would be really good if the Drobo had an app for this in much the same way as Firefly works for iTunes.

If anyone knows of anything that has already been developed then please let me know. Otherwise would some bright spark please develop one? I can’t believe that I’m the only guy in the world with a DroboShare and a Squeezebox??

If I remember correctly the Synology NAS boxes have a Squeezecenter server daemon running on them and it seems a shame that the Drobo doesn’t.

I totally agree. This would be huge for the FS or the droboshare.

I am running squeezeserver on another brand of linux box. Squeezeserver takes a lot of processing power and I am sure that the DroboShare does not have enough processor power and memory to be able to run it.
The Drobo FS is another story. Guess it should be able to run Squeezeserver if someone adopts it.


That would be amazing. I just bought a FS and was considering buying a dedicated PC to use my Squeezeboxes. Would LOVE to run it natively on the FS!

  • Jon

I don’t own a squeezebox(0) but I’m happy to create a DroboFS app for it if someone is willing to work with me to test it.

(0) Actually, I do own an “squeezebox”, ie - accordion. I’m guessing you mean the logitech kind however :wink:

Raises hand!!!

  • Jon

So, do you know where I can find source code for the server?


Hi Red,

Will this get you what you need?


  • Jon


Hah, It’s a perl app too so I shouldn’t expect this to take more than a day or so to put together.

I’ll be in touch.

This would be AMAZING!
If only DroboShare could run it as well!

Go noidd!! :slight_smile:

  • Jon

I can’t think of any real reason why the droboshare couldn’t run it either.

I don’t own a droboshare so I’ve not built the sdk so don’t know how the apps are packaged. Ill take a look once I’m done with the FS.

I’m not going to get a chance to get to it this weekend because I’m away from computers this entire weekend. Sorry.

But, I looked at the sourcecode briefly and there is some XS code which may complicate things a little.

Nothing I’m too concerned about as I wrote the arm cross-compiliation support for Perl so if it’s broken I’m the one who has to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:


This would sell the Squeezebox for me. I have been holding out because I don’t have a PC to leave on all the time to serve music.
I don’t know about everyone else but I would be willing to donate some $$ for this app or even pay for it if need be.


I could really use this type of app!

Is this any further forward? I could really use this too!

[align=left]I’ve just registered here, just got a Drobo FS yesterday. It’s true that the Squeezebox Server is written in Perl, so that part is trivial, but as far as I know it’s also heavily dependent on MySQL–not so trivial. What’s really needed is a build of MySQL for Linux on the ARM processor family.[/align]

Excellent news! I just unpacked the source for the latest Squeezebox Server (7.5.1), and discovered that MySQL for ARM Linux is included! It might just work. Stay tuned…

I’m interested in this also, MySQL is a key thing needed to run certain web things, like wordpress.

Nice to see some good news, this could be huge, MySQL, Drobo OxygenCloud I can’t even imagine the great things!