Spurious Drobo error alerts?


I have had my Drobo going for a few months now (I have ripped all my DVDs to it and use it for a Time Machine for the Mac it is connected to as well as for my MacBook Pro).

For the last few nights I have had 2 e-mails sent warning me about errors.

The first mail tells me “Drobo Warning”, “Data protection is in progress, but you may continue accessing your data. Do not remove any hard drives.”

The second mail (sent about 6 seconds later) says “Critical Drobo Alert”, “Drobo cannot currently protect your data against hard drive failures.”

However the lights on the Drobo are all green and Drobo Dashboard shows nothing wrong. Anyone got any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Background: I have 4 HDDs in my FW800 Drobo (750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB & 1.5TB). I have used 1.8TB of the 2.92TB total, so the disks shouldn’t be full. I have Drobo Dashboard v1.6.8 and Drobo firmware v1.3.6.

Were the lights all green at the exact time it saw these erroRs? Or just that it sent the emails during the night and in the morning it was all green?

If that us the case it’s possible a drive took too long to respond and drobo thought it was failed, so sent the emails. Once the drive began to respond it could be quickly readded to the disk pack and it would all be normal by morning when yo see all green lights.

The only way to know for sure is to open a support case and send them your logs and they will tell you what triggered the error messages.

Chris- thanks. I shall do that.
I don’t know the state of the lights when the error occurred as both times it happened (actually all three times- it happened last night as well) it was the middle of the night.

I will submit a ticket with the logs. Thanks.

No problem, please do let us know what support say!

Update: Support have been good so far. They asked for the serial number on my power supply (PSU), but I will have to wait until I get back from my travels tomorrow to give them the info.

Meanwhile things have progressed- my Drobo has now decided that 2 of my 4 drives (the 2 Samsung 1.5 TB drives) are not physically inserted, even though they are.

A reboot didn’t resolve anything so I’ve put the unit in standby remotely until I can get physical access to the box.

Ooh - things get funkier. After being left suspended overnight I started up the unit again today and it recognised one of my two Samsung drives (as well as the other two drives)

On removing and then reinserting the second Samsung drive it then recognised that as well- but instead of instantly adding it back into the disk set it started rebuilding all of the data on the drive (31 hours to go… oh joy).

So it seems like something is screwy with my Drobo. Hopefully Tech Support can figure out what’s up.

Final update- Tech support have said that one of my two Samsung drives has a lot of back sectors and I should send it back.

I’m going to do that, but it’s strange that the Drobo reacted by suddenly ignoring both of my Samsung drives.

Ah well. Will see what happens when I get it out of the drobo and scan it for errors.

Final final update- I remove the offending drive, it did indeed have a load of back sectors (which explains the slow data transfers I was seeing). I tested the other drives and they were all good.

So the lesson is if you are getting weird data transfer rates, check your drives for bad sectors.

glad to hear its sorted