Splitting ethernet output to both router & computer

New Drobo 5n owner (or Drobo anything for that matter).

I’d like to split the ethernet output on the 5n to both my home network router and also directly into my PC. However, all my searches for “Ethernet splitter” seem to point me into the direction of network switches that aren’t intended to accomplish this & will most likely bottleneck the transfer speed.

Does anyone have a solution? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


any Ethernet splitter I know will decrease the performance worse than a usual switch (they splitt a 1Gbit connection into 2x 100Mbit - more here: http://superuser.com/a/104847 ).

An ususal 1Gbit switch should do the job flawlessly (and decrease the setup time if the router can take care about the DHCP).

You can run it from her switch to a very nearly like a Switch that is it and afterward go to each of your peices of supplies it may bend flag a little however ought to be alright…