Spin Down and Sleep PROBLEM

You NEED to FIX this PROBLEM. Don’t Keep telling us that you know about it.


At least if you can’t fix it right now, the post the firmware that fixed it

I’ll drop down to firmware 1.00 if it WILL go into sleep mode.


I agree that the problem really need to fixed, but are you sure there even is a feature that makes the Drobo-FS actually go to sleep (and shut off the fan!) after the disk are spun down?
It defently should be and that would have been fantastic, the Drobo-FS simply is a bit too noisy.

I am sorry for the frustration this has caused you. We are working on a resolution and do wish to get this resolved quickly and efficiently. If you have not done so already we recommend you create a support case so we can better track your issue. We also recommend you sign up for our RSS feed to get the latest updates when we publish our newest firmware/software updates. Again, we do apologize and hope to have the update available soon

Jennifer… Can you confirm that whenever this fix comes it will make the Drobo-FS go to sleep and make the fan go off as long as its not too hot? Just like the Drobo-v2 behaves.

It will allow you set up disk spin down and for it to actually spin down your disks at that interval.

There is NO standby command for the FS.

Thanks, thought so but got a little confused over phxrick post about “sleep”. Would have been nice though.

It’s might be my thinking, what does spin down and sleep? What is the difference? I have the Drobo connected to a Kill-A-Watt to check the amount of watts the Drobo is using.

Will spin down decrease the wattage that the droboFS is using.

I used the term spin down and sleep thinking they were the same. What is the difference between the 2? I now what sleep is, what does spin down mean?

I went back to firmware 1.01 and nothing has changed.[hr]

To me if the drives spin down then the fans would slow down since the heat is not there. But, then again, I guess I don’t understand the concept of spin down over Sleep.[hr]

PS I created a support case, they guy had me do all types of things before he realized that there was a problem with Firmware 1.04. By the way I went back to 1.01 and there is no difference between them as far as spin down. Again I ask what does spin down mean?

Even though the disks spin down the device itself can (and now obviously will) still be awake. Wether or not this makes the Drobo-FS´s fan go off or run at a lower rpm due to the fact that it will get cooler I´ll guess time will have to show us.
Mine is placed so I can hear it all times so a lower fan-noise is very welcome. I can´t really understand why they didn´t go for a more silent fan actually. Who wants noise anyway?

Well after working here and dealing with mac customers, I always assumed sleep mode would be the same as our standby mode on the drobo.

Disk spin down just spins the disk down but leaves them on. When you need to access the data on those drives, the drives would then spin up and you might notice some slower speeds until the disks spin up.

If in standby mode, you would need to reboot the computer or the drobo in order to get it out of standby mode. And depending on how long you had the drobo in standby mode, there might be a full reboot of the drobo.

Dont know how the Drobo standby works , but waking a Mac from sleep can be done thru lan or wan and takes about a second. Fans are off and power consumption is on a minimum when sleeping.
It should be possible to have “feature” like this on a NAS as well. If there is no traffic for a given time the Drobo-FS could sleep until it receives a “wake-up call”. Would have been both green and great. ;- )

I like the concept of NAS sleep with WOL, but the wake is the tricky part.

I’ve played with WOL on my client and server computers quite a bit. In general there are two modes it can operate in:
a. The device monitors for any traffic directed toward it, which usually results in the device not going to sleep at all if there are other devices alive on the network, as broadcast packets wake it up too.

b. The device monitors for a specific wake-up packet. This allows the device to stay sleeping until something really wants to talk to it. The downside is that the client computer needs to send that specific packet. This would mean that some kind of client software like Drobo Dashboard would be required, rather than optional. Unless DRI can find a sneaky way to monitor specifically for AFP/SMB traffic, but I think it’d end up waking up more often than not.

Who knows? Maybe they can figure it out, put a post in the feature request forum.