Speed peaks/valleys remain with 1.1.4?

I upgraded to 1.1.4 and I’m still having performance issues. I’ve already opened a support ticket but I’m just wondering what people here think of these speed test results: (8 x 1TB WD Green)

     File Size Sweep

MB MB/sec
Read Write
128.0 46.1 18.4
256.0 27.4 19.4
512.0 39.1 17.2
1024.0 46.6 17.6
2048.0 48.9 22.3
4096.0 53.4 23.2
8192.0 52.4 28.2
16384.0 50.6 26.9

writing a single large (20GB+) file, across GBE, with Win 7 x86 and NTFS FS, DP with 8 x 2B drives (4 WD 4 Hitachi) i get an average 50MB/Sec on writes.

My average speeds (26/50) seem to be pretty good, but I could see even while the test was performing that it was having dips every now and then, and iTunes has been having quick pauses playing ALAC-encoded tracks and video podcasts.

actually i was pointing out that your write speed is half mine.

as as for playing back audio/video podcasts and stuttering (quick pauses) i can play back two simultaneous (one to each of my HDTVs) Blu-ray quality (20-30mbit/s average) videos, flawlessly, for the full 90 minutes


Using Activity Monitor in OS X to view Disk Activity.

For 1.1.3 copying a large amount of files (e.g. 10GB) to the DroboPro I could see times where it stalled and disk activity went down to zero. If playing back a media file from the Drobo at the same time then the Video would stutter frequently enough to be barely watchable.

With 1.1.4 and copying a large amount of files (again 10GB) to the DroboPro there are times where the throughput slows down however it now no longer stalls. If playing back a media file from the Drobo at the same time it all works fine.

I have only had firmware 1.1.4 installed for a day and it did go into spin down overnight. I’m pleased so far and have set disks to never spin down for a couple of days as per the KB article Jennifer linked to. Will see how performance goes after that.

I have just done the same test as you, and got the following…
{restored to ‘code’ setting to get the columns to line up}

    File Size Sweep
MB           MB/sec
         Read   Write      
128.0    57.1   61.9      
256.0    45.9   60.7      
512.0    52.2   51.0      
1024.0   51.4   46.2      
2048.0   60.0   36.1      
4096.0   73.0   54.9      
8192.0   74.2   55.6      
16384.0  67.8   49.6

This averages out to Read 59.45 and Write of 53.25 for this test.

My DroboPro is fairly new and upgraded to 1.1.4 before I did anything else. It currently has 3 x 1.5Tb Seagate 7200 PRM drives, 25% full. It is shared via a MacMini, on which I ran this test. Nothing else going on at the same time.

Doesn’t seem to have slowed down as I slowly start to add more data.

How is your Drobo Pro connected to your MacMini?


If you mean me, iSCSI over Gbit ethernet. Flow control & Jumbo enabled (but the Pro doesn’t do Jumbo). Everything plugged into an HP 8 Port Switch (HP 1810G-8)

I have just run it again, as I now have 4 x 1.5Tb Seagate in Double redundancy config. Just over 1Tb used, or 37% according to Dashboard. Odd that 4 blue lights are on, I guess it rounds up to the nearest 10%.

File Size Sweep MB MB/sec Read Write 128.0 48.7 69.2 256.0 58.4 56.3 512.0 67.4 47.6 1024.0 72.4 45.6 2048.0 73.4 46.0 4096.0 74.4 44.7 8192.0 80.0 41.7 16384.0 78.1 41.4

This gives 68.34 Read, 49.06 for Write. So Read up and Write down. Although, during the 16Gb write the MacMini TM Backup began using a Sparebundle on the DroboPro. I didn’t notice for a while, and as it’s late I didn’t want to run the test again. I doubt it made a huge difference…

I did notice the write “cough” at times, where it burst through say 70Mb/s then dropped down to 3 Mb/s for a few seconds before starting back up again. Didn’t notice that the last time.