Speed issue on drobo 5D

Hello, I’ve a Drobo 5D with 3x4 WD red drive.
I’m doing video editing on FCPX with an imac i5.
I’m complaining about speed and people from other forum told me that was because of the Drobo… Comparing to pegasus. They show me a test, and I did the same, the screen shot is just huge… 950 MBps for the Pegasus, and a small 169 mbps for the Drobo using thunderbolt of course… How can it be a so HUGE difference with thunderbolt ?

Pegasus sells mostly RAID 0 setups, where the files are split between drives. That gives you tremendous speed but each drive adds a potential point of failure. One drive fails, all data is gone. With Drobo, you are much safer, but raw speeds won’t ever be anything like the Pegasus array.

Drobo 5D is not the best drive for editing mainly due to low seek speeds (mSATA accelerator does nearly nothing, in fact I get repeatedly better R/W speeds WITHOUT it). I use it with FCPX too, but mainly as backup - I transfer my files to internal Mac drive and after I’m finished, I dump it all to Drobo for keeping.

The Pegasus R6 with RAID 5 on TB is so much faster than a Drobo (ANY Drobo), it’s laughable.

BeyondRAID is designed to be easy…not fast.

I would have to agree, I had a Thecus N5200pro which with every new model would discontinue support of older models and in turn you would end up using after market firmware, Not bad if you are an IT person but working with RAIDs can take some know how and for people that just want LOTS of storage without tons of work the DROBO’s are a way to go. the addition of mSATA cards makes for a high speed buffer and would speed up the data transfer especially on USB 3.0 bus, it would help if the ethernet models had dual ports (the 4 and 5 disc models) and did NIC teaming.

on a side note i use Microsoft free RICH COPY when doing lots of file transfers and this helps A LOT great free tool so give that a try by the way i use it for moving a lot of graphics files and it really speeds things up.