Speed increase from firewire800 to eSata

I recently purchased a Drobo S and installed 5 x 2tb drives. Prior to purchase I had done my research and compared the pros and cons, one con which kept coming up was poor performance/speed for the Drobo. I discounted that as I liked the flexibility of the Drobo. Now that I’ve had the unit for several weeks I find the performance to be pathetically slow connected to my Firewire800 on my Imac. My question is would I find a speed improvement if I connected to a eSata port? I’ve seen a thunderbolt to eSata adapter that supposedly provided up to 2.5Gbps performance. Would this configuration provide a noticeable improvement over the firewire800 connection? In theory this setup should be quicker but only if the Drobo is able to dish out or receive the data faster than it can with the firewire.

Appreciate any inputs.

Do you have other devices on your Firewire bus?
If you have a Gen 2 Drobo S (USB 3.0) then it should be faster on eSATA.
If you have an original Drobo S (USB 2.0), then it might be faster on eSATA.

It also depends on the type of file transfer you’re doing (large file vs small file) and how full your Drobo’s drives are.

You will find a significant speed increase going to eSATA. With matched 7200 RPM drives, I would get @ 50 Meg/sec speeds over Firewire. That speed was the best I’ve ever read here. Again, with matched 7200 RPM drives. With my Drobo S, (2) 5900 RPM drives and (1) 5400 RPM drive, I get > @ 75 Meg/sec.

eSATA is much faster than Firewire 800. The only problem is making sure that adapter supports PM http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/545/~/what-specific-esata-cards-are-recommended%3F