Special Folder Documents - How to retrieve to a new System, Sierra?

I installed a brand-new Sierra on my MacBookPro (late 2011).
For installing the transporter Desktop I used 4.2.10_22276.
That works fine.

Now my question:
I used the special folders for backing up my document folder.
How do I get back the document folder stored on the transporter to my new Sierra-system?

Thank you for helping me.

hi speedygruun,
i think there were some transporter install problems on sierra and that another version was being worked on but if you are aware of how to access (or restore) files that were on a transporter, then maybe the quickest thing would be to try attaching the transporter to another non-sierra computer? (i do not actually have a transporter though so please do double check the documentation about setting it up so that nothing is overwritten)