Spares - Drobo 5N mSata Cover

I am missing the metal cover for the mSata cache memory on my Drobo 5N. How do I go about getting a spare for delivery to the UK?

hi thats a good question - ive often wondered about accessories and parts (though havent needed to get anything more than a psu or replacement unit in its entirety).

when i looked at the online shop, i dont remember seeing an msata cover, though have you tried checking with support just in case?

(it could just be that a lot of manufactured objects come as a complete unit, in the same way as some makers of plumbing items such as toilets only come as a complete unit, because no one knows how many base units or seats to create and they usually tend to avoid having a shortage of 1 or a surpluss of the other) - but having said that if you have not yet tried support, i would give them a go.