SOS Online Backup Mega-Fail

I’ve been using SOS Online Backup for nearly two years with unlimited storage for $60/year. Well, it seems they’ve been bought out and no longer offer unlimited storage. They sent me an email stating my stored assets come to a little over 7 TB which bumps me into their new 10 TB plan which costs $3000/year! Needless to say I’m cancelling my plan!

hi dragon, try to see if there is a way for them to still honour your original contract - maybe they actually try to bump existing users, but that only new users cant get the same offer?

My current term runs out on October, but I’ve already removed their software. I told them to close my account, and they said a “supervisor” will call me within 24 hours to discuss my account options.

Honestly…they have already shown that they place corporate greed above service, and I don’t need them that badly. There are 10 TB drives available for home use that costs significantly less that $3000.