SOS : Drobo denying write permission

All of a sudden, Drobo, via droboshare, has become ‘read only’ and is denying me any write access to it’s storage.

This is across multiple PC’s with different user ID’s.

What’s confusing is that I have not enabled password protection for Droboshare via the dashboard security setting in Advanced Controls.

This behaviour is exhibited in both OSX 10.6.4 and Win 7

I can read, but not write.

Any idea’s?



i dont own a droboshare - but i imagine it must be possible to do a “reset” of it (with drobo disconnected just in case?) does that help?

Well, I’ve powered Droboshare down twice now, to no avail. I’t won’t respond to standby commands from the Drobo dashboard.

I’m a little spooked right now. Nearly 6am, so a quiuck call to tech support I think


i meant an actual reset - i.e. back to factory conditions - rather than just a reboot.[hr]

first - i would run chkdsk on your drobo when it is directly connection to a computer via usb, just to be safe

then i would follow these steps to reset your droboshare:

Actually in process of following


Looks as if the disk verify thing has thrown up a few filing errors, but the big question has got to be why.

More-over, do I need to be concerned?

My drobo package is approaching 3 years old here.[hr]

ran through the trouble shooting steps, as far as actually reseting Droboshare, and seems to have recovered the situation.

I am, however, now deeply concerned about the safety of my data; is this a pre-warning sign that Drobo is about to go kaput?

Andy, you can open a support ticket and submit your logs to DRI. They should be able to tell from the logs if there’s a drive issue cropping up.

On a Drobo+DroboShare, since the DroboShare handles the filesystem access, you can think of it as the “computer” in the Drobo+computer scenario, so the same rules apply. If the DroboShare loses power unexpectedly, or loses connection to the Drobo unexpectedly, filesystem issues can occur.

And you should be directly connecting the drobo to your computer once a month to run regular maintenance of chkdsk or repair disk depending on how you have your drobo formatted.

Is this new advice? If not, where does it state this in the documentation, I’ve never noticed this recommendation before.

  1. Regularly check the integrity of your backup.

C) “Failures” can occur in both the hardware and the software:

Data loss can result from failures at the hardware level (i.e. you drop your Drobo out the 22nd floor window) and at the software level (i.e. a file system corruption). Routinely verifying and error-checking all data and file systems is a critical part of best practices for all systems. Please note the tools and utilities you use will vary by operating system, but every major operating system comes pre-loaded with at least basic disk checking tools.