Sonarr on Drobo5n

Mono Version
4.0.4 (Stable Wed Aug 26 23:38:39 UTC 2015)
AppData directory
Startup directory

I have managed to get Sonarr running on a Drobo5n thanks to previous posts.
But I now have , I think, permissions problems.

I have 2 Drobo5n systems

  1. Raspberry pi running Sonarr
    Files located on Drobo5n-1
    requests passed to Transmission, running on Drobo
    this works fine.

2 Drobo5n-2
sonarr running on Drobo via Transmission (also on Drobo)
Download files go into Download Dir on Drobo
should be post processed to directory TV on Drobo.

If the files are in main Downloads dir they get processed correctly
if the files are in a sub directory of Downloads they are not .
it throws up an error Access denied…
(all directories are in the same Share on the drobo)

if I then move the files from the sub directory to the main Downloads directory, they are moved and the sub directories deleted correctly in about a minute.

All the settings are the same in both systems.
But checking the file permission with
ls -la
the working system Drobo 1
and drobo2 with problems has
DRWXRWXRWX for Downloads

I do not know if this is significant
Anyone got any ideas