Some funny after v2.6.7 Dashboard update Mac 10.9.5

Drobo (2x Macs’) Dashboard V2.6.7 (was v2.6.5), loads, but “does not see” Drobo FS as active in Dashboard this afternoon after new install, Drobo partitions are seen by both OSX Macs’ with 10.9.5 and will mount any partitions after login as before on Desktop folders.
(Have had no time to try 10.10.3).

Windows 8.1 DashBoard V2.6.7 & V2.6.5 does sees Drobo FS as before as active, but only sees it if logged into shares with Drobo password within Dashboard. “Pretty sure that is normal. Right?”

FYI, No Firewalls, in "Security & Privacy’ Prefs "Allow
apps downloaded from: “Anywhere” selected and do not see an "Privacy> “Accessibility Allow the apps below to control your computer”
No “Drobo Dashboard or Helper” listing…
DDAssit is in “Login Items” as before.

Will be out of office Friday.
Thank you in advance,