Some Drobo Questions

I used Drobo WAY back in its early days, but have been using other solutions for some time. I am thinking about coming back into the fold. :slight_smile: But, I have some questions. Hopefully someone here won’t mind answering.

I can’t remember… Can I start with drives that already have data?

If not, can I start with just 1 drive, move a drive onto it, and then add that drive, etc, etc.?

I use Windows. In doing my research, I know the 8D is a no go (no Thunderbolt drivers for Windows), but, I’d like to have the port in case they do come out with drivers. So, I am thinking about the 5D3. But, the 5C price is so drastically different. I will pay it if its truly worth it, though, of course. I was going to get the 8D after all to allow for further expansion and to have the latest model. What are your thoughts for a Windows user?

Thanks much in advance.

If you insert drives that already contain data, then they will be erased as Drobo will format them for its own use. You should be fine starting with one or two drives, copying data over and inserting another drive as you go.