SOLVED - Drobofs mount from ubuntu and dashboard from vbox

I’ve got DroboFS connected to the router. When using WinXP everything looks great. When trying to mount the Drobo from Ubuntu (11.10 64 bit) it says it doesnt recognize the file system. the volume is formatted to NTFS and under 2TB. smbclient shows the correct shares.

Also trying to connect to the >DroboFS with Drobo Dashboard running on virtual box in the ubuntu - I cant seem to get it to find the DroboFS - any pointers here?

SOLUTION: first problem was solved by installing smbfs which provides mount.cifs. Second problem solution: power down and power up the drobo-fs. Do this after you verified firewall is off and you’re using bridged network so that the Drobo is on the same network as your virtual vbox


Something seems amiss, as you don’t “format” a shared network volume like the DroboFS. I posted probably more than is healthy over here. The DroboFS is EXT3, but shares that via Samba/CIFS or netatalkd/AFP, which then handle negotiating different file semantics over the network. For connecting to Linux, SMB should work fine, or you can install the NFS DroboApp for a more native connection.

As for Drobo Dashboard, that could be all manner of things - but I’m going to lay bets that you configured your virtual machine with shared or NAT-based networking. Since Drobo Dashboard typically uses a broadcast mechanism to find the DroboFS, it needs to be on the same subnet as it. Try switching the networking setup of the VM to bridged, and it should work fine (although you’ll need an extra IP on your LAN).

About the Dashboard: that was my guess as well -> but network is bridged and ip is on same subnet as Ubuntu and router. It looks like something is blocking the broadcasts. I’m saying this because my winXP laptop is in the same situation (no Dashboard, but can see the shares) from wifi and from cable Ethernet. Can you tell me the ports and what configuration to look for in the router (Linksys wrt160nl with dd-wrt firmware).

About the mount from Ubuntu - I assumed since I connected to it first from winXP that it’s NTFS formatted. I guess I was wrong. Anything I can try before I install DroboApps on it (assuming this can be done without the dashboard or that problem will be solved…).

thanks for your help so far.