[solved] Drobo Pro (on iSCSI) disconnects when I turn on my printer

I have Drobo Pro on iSCSI into a gigabit switch. The laser printer in connected to that hub as well with ethernet cable. When I turn on the laser printer, Drobo Pro disconnects and a message said “device not eject properly…or something” popped up. Few minutes later Drobo Pro reconnects and appeared on my desktop. This is bad when I have stuff transferring. I am using snow leopard with latest firmware on drobo pro and latest dashboard. Any idea?

What kind of 1 Giga switch U r using? I could have guessed it’s one of those non-managed 5 or 8 ports unit. Right? It’s highly likely that when U fire up ur networked printer (i.e. HP w/ the JetDirect) and the JetDirect started broadcasting & look for ur DNS, DHCP, Gateway and it saturated ur LAN segment. That explains after the networked output device settled down, your iSCSI initiator found the target, DroboPro again. What I don’t understand is why the inappropriate error message “Device not eject properly …” cuz I haven’t seen that in our DroboPro via iSCSI connection. Well, I guess we only do Windows!
If budget allows, then I recommend you get a decent L2/L3 manageable switch.

rambo, you were right, my printer is set to JetDirect and I use a SMC unmanaged 8port switch. The eject message pops up on Macs whenever you unplug a device without ejecting it first, just like on windows. So the iSCSI connection, got distracted due to the broadcast of the printer’s protocol and thus the disconnection? I currently don’t have plan to purchase a managed switch because it’s at my home and I don’t really want to pay too much… So are you saying that my current switch is too crappy and if I get a better switch it will solve the problem I was having? If yes, can you recommend a stabler switch, preferably unmanaged? :slight_smile:

Does ur Macs have dual 1 Giga ports? If it does, then save U a few hundred bucks on a smart switch. Just get yourself a Cat-5e or Cat-6 crossover cable and use it to connect to your DroboPro and the other port for ur SMC switch.

I hope it does, but unfortunately not, I use an iMac at home. And unless you get the Mac tower, which takes a lot of space and heavy, you won’t have 2 gigabit ports on Macs. If I had 2 ethernet ports, disconnections wouldn’t have happened in the first place… :frowning:

Edit: Saw this review about the Linksys SLM2008 gigabit smart switch, will this solve my problems? http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/lanwan/lanwan-reviews/30226-linksys-slm2008-8-port-101001000-gigabit-smart-switch-review

Not sure. Since you only have one LAN port on your Mac you may have to put everything in the same VLAN anyway - so it would behave same as an unmanaged switch.

Assuming the switch supports putting a switch port in multiple VLANs I suppose you could create a second Virtual Network Interface on your Mac and then run two VLANs - one for Mac-Drobo and the other for everything else.

Don’t think the multiple VLANs will solve your problem w/ a single 1 Gig port! However, “your problem” or the root cause is the JetDirect, from your description it seems to saturate ur pipe only during start up. Right? Wonder how ur JetDirect is configured & tweeting w/ ur JetDirect network settings may solve ur problem. Just my two cents.

Just want to post a quick update that this problem have been solved by switching out my old SMC gigabit unmanaged switch to a newer netgear GS108T smart switch. There is no more disconnection whatsoever.
I am guessing the netgear’s smart switch simply have more processing power to deal with the broadcasting and flow of data. And this is the only smaller customizable switch I can find in the Fry’s Electronics store near by.
Now I’m considering setting VLANs on my iMac for stability, but I read somewhere that the writing speed to the Drobo Pro is slow…so I’ll wait on that.