SOLVED: Drobo FS disconnects part way through time machine backup

I have the latest firmware and dashboard, and running mac os X lion.

Trying to backup with time machine, initial backup of about 160GB, and it disconnects after an hour or two. Fortunately time machine seems to be able to pick off where it left off, so I have a work around.

Any ideas? is the drobo FS going to sleep or something, when it shouldn’t?

Anyone got similar experience? Thanks!

Today I upgraded all the cabling to CAT 6, so that I get gigbit, plus I plugged my mac in via a CAT 6 cable, so that I have the fastest connection.

I am hoping it was a network issue, and this will solve my problem. Stay tuned for update…

OK, improving the network solved my problem.
It’s amazing what better cables and a new hub can do.

As a learning, it is good to make sure the network is as good as possible.