solution help - iscsi and Fileshares

new to drobo, dont own one yet, but am seriously thinking about it.

want a device that will support fileshares to my network as well as iscsi for an ESX host that i have. Does droboFS allow for this (this is the size device i am targeting)? Or do i need to get 2 devices just to support both protocols?

ideally would like replication capabilities at some point too to move data to an alternate site.

thanks for the help!

i think you need two devices

the FS supports file sharing - the pro and elite support iscis

i dont think any drobos do both

Several people here have replaced their Drobos with devices from QNAP and Synology, and say they’re very happy.
QNAP supports both filesharing and iSCSI.

edit: I see that Synology also provides an iSCSI target.

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