Solid Yellow Power Light


I had a drive failure today. The lights blinked green/yellow for awhile while it was shuffling data and when it went green, I replaced the drive with the red light. I left it sit for a few hours and it stayed red. I went into Dashboard and powered down the 5N and powered it back on. The power light blinks green and the blue lights fill up, then all of the lights turn off and the power light goes solid yellow and has sat there for hours. The fan is running and the drives are spinning but I don’t hear any disk activity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The last time a drive died in this unit, I had to remove the disk pack and reinstall the firmware, then replace the disk pack. This is becoming rather tedious, especially if I have to do it again. Setting up Crashplan is becoming common knowledge to me.

Thanks for the help in advance! I also logged a ticket with support.

edit: just as a posted this, the power light started flashing green and the activity light is solid and I can hear disk activity but all the drive lights are still off. I just pray my data is still there.

edit2: it showed up in dashboard but power light is still blinking green and activity light is solid. All drive lights still off. I grabbed a diagnostic for good measure.

Replying to my own post so it is less confusing.

The power light was yellow again when I woke up and the Drobo was no longer visible from the Dashboard so I pressed the power switch and waited for it to turn off. Removed drive pack, powered up and reinstalled firmware, rebooted then powered down. Reinstalled disk pack and it actually started rebuilding and I can access my data. All of my apps are still there except crashplan won’t start. I’ll probably debug that after the rebuild finishes in ~16 hours.

The rebuild finished already. I was freeing up some space since the (temporary) replacement drive is smaller than the dead one to keep it below 80% full. The Drobo went offline during deleting about 20GB of data. It popped back up in dashboard after a while but it looks like this:

It says it is booting up in the Capacity tab. It has been sitting there like this for about 40 minutes.

edit: it took an hour but it is back online. I don’t know what is up with this thing…