Solid Red with empty Drobo

Hi all

My Drobo5D is almost empty and I got a solid red for one of the HD. After reset, i still have the solid red.

Clearly the Drobo cannot be “low on space” after reset.

Any suggestion?

Red mean you need to replace the hard drive in question, not just reset the Drobo.

Thanks for the prompt answer. The instruction manual says something different:
“Solid Red: Replace this drive with a larger drive immediately, Drobo is critically low on space”. Which is not the case because the Drobo is empty.

Where only “Blinking Red: Replace this drive immediately, this drive has failed and needs to be replaced.”

I have the solid red light.

This is an empty drobo?

Have you tried a pinhole reset?

WARNING! If you do this with drives installed, it will erase your drives.

Pinhole reset is what I have done.