Software recommendations for backing up my FS to an external USB HD

Hi All,

Ok, now that I’ve pretty much got my Drobo FS installed, loaded, and running - I want to figure out a Drobo backup solution. I ordered a 1 TB external HD today and plan to use that for keeping my Drobo backed up. I’m using < 1TB on my Drobo, so the drive will work for backing it all up, at least for a few years, I anticipate.

So after I do a full copy of the Drobo to the external HD, is there some (easy to use and administer) to automajically copy any new or modified file that is copied to the Drobo also to a PC connected USB HD? Should I use rsync for this? Any other suggestions?

  • Thanx in advance!
  • Jon

rsync would be my choice for the job.

Alternatively you may want to use DroboCopy which is part of the DroboDashboard - as presumably you leave the Dashboard running all the time so you can use the scheduling feature.