Software RAID hotspare gives SATA bus errors at boot

One volume my Drobo provides causes errors at boot.
Link to syslog here.

Drobo-S 3rd Generation, 5x WD Caviar Green 2TB, Droboraid5 providing 4x 2.2TB volumes to Dell PowerEdge R210 via an eSATA cable rated at 600 GB/s.

Virtual Drobo Volume 4 is a hotspare to an internal RAID array, & that’s the one that errors during boot.
Not only does it print errors all over the screen, it throttles throughput down from UDMA/133 to UDMA/100.

How do I get the UDMA back up to 133?
How do I resolve the error?

UDMA/133 and UDMA/100? where does it tell you that is changing? are you using PATA drives in your internal raid?

SATA doesnt use UDMA modes like that

how full is your drobo?

i suspect the problem is that drobo only works with specific file system… HFS/NTFS/EXT3. if you are trying to use a volume as part of a raid array - it just getting array data written to it, not a proper file system (the filesystem will be spread out over your software RAID). so basically it wont work since you arent formatting volume 4 to a filesystem, as drobo requires.

The log is linked, the change is visible toward the last lines.

[ 23.034719] ata6.03: configured for UDMA/133
[ 23.071820] ata6.03: limiting speed to UDMA/100:PIO4
[ 26.819637] ata6.03: configured for UDMA/100

I’m glad to hear that it doesn’t matter about the UDMA speed.

The drobo is completely empty.

The 3x LVM ext4 volumes work fine, albeit slower than I expected for 5x SATA II’s writing in parallel.

Also something I noticed while watching these errors fly by every boot, is that they occur on all the volumes attached via that (S)ATA interface, not just the linux softRAID hotspare.

I think it’s absolute crap that the drobo only supports antiquated filesystems. I wish I could load custom firmware & JBOD it to do zfs over iSCSI.

What an enormous waste of money this is turning out to be, wow. Never again.[hr]
It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that it can only do one filesystem and not another.

That’s like saying you can only save filetype foo to this block range, or I’ll panic & cause corruption.

How is it not a block is a block is a block?

“I think it’s absolute crap that the drobo only supports antiquated filesystems.”

you do realise its not “true” raid?

it protects blocks - either by mirroring them or through parity - if it cant read the file system, it doenst know what to protect.

for desktop filesystems HFS/NTFS/EXT3 cover probably more than 99% of peoples needs, i was frankly surprised it did ext3 since most desktop users which is what drobo is really aimed at, are probably either windows or mac.

if you want customisable get a synology box or something, its running linux, you can putty/ssh into it do whatever the hell you want with the disks. in fact some people have even installed windows home server onto their synology! (its a dual core atom with 2GB of ram and up to 10 disks).

the website and pre-sales information is very explicit in what filesystems it does support, so if it doesnt support the file system you want to use, then frankly, why did you buy it?

A year ago I didn’t have a 20Gb SAN segment, & the Drobo was local storage providing 4x 1.9TB NTFS over firewire.
Now the enclosure has become a liability, & of course I want to make the best of it.

I’m mostly irritated with myself over the means by which I learned I’d have been better off putting that ~2 grand towards a used PowerVault.

Oh, well.

i think they still have a fairly good resale value on ebay? (ive shifted some of my old ones - my original v2 drobo (driven mainly by changes in the £/$ exchange rate) i got more for than i bought it for originally

There’s one there now without the scratch mine has for half what I paid.