Snow Leopard

Hey guys, I’m sure everyone has heard the news that Snow Leopard is out this Friday.

Any word from DRI on compatibility?


Wondering myself as I’ve ordered the update. There really should be a statement now.

i personally wouldn’t upgrade to snow leopard until I knew all my main apps and hardware will work with it

Snow Leopard is supported and compatible with Dashboard.


Everyone, I’ve been testing Snow Leopard for about 3 months. Really nice so far.
Just got my DroboPro, so before I booted into 10.6 , I wanted to make sure.

I’ll be headed to the apple store first thing Friday.

Hopefully according to DRI, there are no problems.
I’ll keep everyone updated.


Don’t you get a complimentary copy of the OS? for testing it

I cant wait, plus I want to buy a family pack for home :wink:

zgmg, at work we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and have access to everything via MSDN. I’m sure there must be an equivalent program at Apple. What is it called, and how does one go about getting access?

Apple Developer Connection or ADC.

Only Select ($499) and Premier members ($3499) get access to pre-release software. You do however get a pretty big hardware discount, it is most significant on Pro machines. For example the base Mac Pro is $1999 as opposed to $2499. You get one system per year with select and 10 systems per year with Premier.

There is also a $99 student membership, you get the hardware discount but one time only, ever. You do not however get pre-release software. In the past though, you got a copy of the latest OS with your membership. That has come into question with Snow Leopard, I have a pending request on details about this however. My guess is this will continue.

Is anyone planning to buy Snow Leopard this Friday? For those in Santa Clara Valley, how about a meetup at the Apple Valley Fair store?

My copy is pre-ordered and will be shipped to me when it hits the streets. Not sure if I’ll take the plunge right away or let some others do the “dirty work” of testing it for me first :slight_smile: While I like all things shiny and new I don’t like to live on the bleeding edge with my main workstation!

I searched DRI’s KB - iSCSI on DroboPro isn’t yet support on Snow Leopard. FW and USB are OK. I guess its the .kext that the Dashboard installs is incompatible.

After my Snow Leopard upgrade I have to manually connect to my Drroboshare & Drobo using smb://DroboShare/Media/ as it won’t auto mount like it did before?

How did you have it set to automount? Startup preference? Script? Did you check to make sure that the way you had it setup was still that way?

You might get better results asking in the forum for droboshare – this is the drobopro forum :slight_smile:

Any word from DRI on iSCSI with 10.6?

I found the KB article, but we should all have absolute verification from DRI on 10.6 and iSCSI. The main reason we bought the DroboPro was for the iSCSI speed.

Well considering that 10.6 officially came out today … I’d say give them time to get the media in their hands and install on some test machines :slight_smile:


But IMO, They should have had this solved before the official release.

Its been in developers hands for at least a year.

And Apple is infamous for last minute changes … it has even happened between the GM release seeded to devs and testers and the actual media that you get in your hands – I know this as I’ve done years of beta testing for Apple’s OSes (started at 7.6.x). Having pre-release versions means very little when they change something low level at the last minute, and it also doesn’t make sense business wise to do it any other way – you don’t do final testing on pre-release, even if they say it’s GM. When you’re talking the kind of low level changes involved in snow leopard then this applies all that much more.

I know it sucks to have to wait a little bit, but it’s better for everyone in the end.

Installed 10.6 today. All running OK with Drobo. Booting in 32bit of course.