SNMP DroboApp for DroboFS



What is the DroboFS missing that almost all other enterprise storage devices have?

SNMP support! Well, not anymore!

Please find linked below my first DroboApp to contribute to the community. It is an SNMP daemon for the DroboFS. Next up is a webapp that uses the apache DroboApp to display perty graphs of the drobo’s performance!


From the netsnmp.README:
Package File: netsnmp.tgz
App Name: net-snmp server
Version: 5.5_r0
URL: http://www.net-snmp.org/
License: http://www.net-snmp.org/about/license.html
Packager: Redvers Davies
MD5: ef2332c3e17369f685e00bcadc646efa

SNMP is the Simple Network Management Protocol. It is the method by which
network and server monitoring software remotely polls for disk usage, network
usage etc etc. Use this application to provide statistics on drobo usage
for graphing!

Net-SNMP is the most common snmp daemon for linux and is packaged with
almost every linux distribution. It is now available here in droboapp format
for the DroboFS.

It is configured by default to use version 1 of SNMP with a community string
of “public”. The configuration can be modified by editing the etc/snmpd.conf
file. Documentation for the configuration format can be found online.

More Technical Stuff:
This is a straightforward compile and build of version 5.5 of net-snmp from
sources useing the drobo SDK. The _r0 suffix to the version signifies
my packaging release.

Please send bugs and drobo-specific questions to the Packager, not the
net-snmp mailing-list or authors.


Is this app still hosted/active/working? I’d like to add snap to my DroboFS! Thanks!


I have question about variables in SNMP.

Its possible to add to SNMP variable for temperature celsius 10 as value type INTEGER?
I have big problem in my SNMP management to read temperature as value type STRING with decimal number.

I wrote a post about this in my blog News blog
Thank You


I would love basic snmp support. Disk usage, network, current users maybe?