SMB user & speed activity?

I have a number of users accessing my 5n and am wondering if there is a way to see which users and what speed they are getting.

I’m only concerned about SMB traffic, ive looked but havnt been able to find any apps. Can this be done via SSH?

Are there any types of monitors for the 5n out there? cant seem to find much?


Does anyone know of ANY monitoring software for the drobo?

netstat via ssh can give me the basic connection info, but I still havnt figured out a way to get speed info / transfer rates?

hi there might be some nirsoft tools that could help you, especially if each user has their own ip?

Hey Paul, ya NetworkTrafficView seems to be exactly what i need

but how would i go about running that from the Drobo?

ah am sorry i dont have a Nas model but maybe you could try the reverse?
eg if all users are going through a computer (to reach the 5n) then maybe you can install it there

or if they directly access the 5n, maybe you can install it on their machines (assuming you have access to access those machines as and when? to see the bandwith flowing to and from the 5n’s ip?)