SMB on OS X much better now, but iTunes hates it!


Since the last firmware, I noticed SMB mounts with OS X working much better, i.e. now displaying all the niceties like personalized icons (before I SMB wouldn’t read the icons I’ve personalized for my folders, I would need to set them twice, for SMB and AFP shares).

The performances are great too, and on SMB, Spotlight agrees to index a share (it won’t with AFP, go figure…). This is a big plus.
Overall, it’s good to be on the default OS X network protocol.

Problem is, there is a deal breaker for me: iTunes.
When editing metadata with iTunes, it slows down to a crawl.
The htop command tells me that
[font=Courier]/sbin/smbd -s /mnt/DroboFS/System/samba/conf.smb.conf[/font] is working like crazy.
Worst, the OS X console then reports tons of
[color=#696969][font=Verdana]21/02/2016 18:43:40,848 iTunes[21777]: Possible unresolved transaction race -150/(Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/Faithless/To All New Arrivals,(null))[/font][/color]

Do you notice the same or could this be the results from the tweaking tech support had me done regarding problems I had with iTunes and capitalization in the past?
I have a script called SMBCS they sent me in my Droboapps folder.
I dump it below:


will enable case sensitivity of samba

prog_dir=dirname \realpath $0``

name=“SMBCS” # service name
version=“0.1” # program version
pidfile=${prog_dir}/ # location of pid file
logfile=${prog_dir}/smb.log # location of log file
keyfile=${prog_dir}/smb.key # location of rsa key


#unload samba

#activate lower and upper case for SMB
grep -q “case sensitive = True” /etc/.backup_smb.conf; [ $? -eq 0 ] && echo “!L/UCase SMB active!” >> /var/log/nasd.log || echo -e “case sensitive = True\ndefault case = lower\npreserve case = yes\nshort preserve case = yes” >> /etc/.backup_smb.conf

#reload samba


case “$1” in
sleep 3
echo “Usage: $0 [start|stop|restart|status]”
exit 1

Do you think it could be the cause for this slowness or is the Drobo’s samba implementation faulty? iTunes on AFP is perfectly responsive and doesn’t report any “race transaction”

Thanks you for your help

Hello Gerald,
Would you email me at with your support incident number so we can take a close look.

Thank You


Nice, I’ve just mailed you the whole mail thread.

Thank you for taking care.


the latest 5N firmware v3.5.6 - release notes stated that it has a fixed the SMB iTunes issue.

Maybe you want to update the firmware and test it.


Thank you for your advice.
It’s precisely after reading the releases note on 3.5.6 that I tried switching to SMB, with the results you know.

Let’s hope Drobomod ever get back in touch with me

Hey Drobomod, any update on this?