SMB Disconnect

I have a EVA9150 on a network with DroboShare and another NAS server. Initially I am able to access the Droboshare and view movies. After not using the the unit for a period of time the EVA is unable to find the DroboShare and I am forced to reboot the Droboshare before EVA can again see it. The other server works just fine. Can someone help and point me in the right direction? Does DroboShare have an option controlling a SMB Disconnect? Any idea on what is the cause?

When the Drobo isn’t used for a while it puts the drives to sleep. This shouldn’t affect DroboShare more than causing a short delay on the next access when the Drobo wakes up the drives.

You might want to install the insomnia DroboApp that keeps the Drobo from going to sleep.

Note that the pause for spin-up may not be the problem, but it’s something to look at.

I initially thought that was the issue so I log onto Draboshare with a PC to wake up teh drave and still the Netgear EVA9150 cannot recognze teh Drobo.

Can other clients access/mount the Drobo, or does only the EVA9150 have the issue?

It is only the EVA9150. It was suggested on the Netgear forum that the Drobo is diconnecting the SMB and suggested asking to see if the DroboShare has an option called No SMB Disconnect. The EVA connects just fine toe a Buffalo Terasattion. Only the Droboshare is an issue. I’m not technical and don’t know what the SMB is.

SMB = Server Message Block = Samba = CIFS

It’s the file sharing protocol that Windows machines use.

You’d have to check your /etc/smb.conf to see what the default settings are…
I’d check for you, but I’m not using DroboShare.

Can anyone help me to check my " /etc/smb.conf to see what the default settings are"?

From a terminal type
cat /etc/smb.conf
This will print out the contents to your terminal window.

geneb, by their own account, is “not technical” so I don’t think they have Telnet or SSH on their DroboShare, though it’s probably bad for me to assume this.