Anyone know how to edit /etc/smb.conf such that it will persist through reboots?

I haven’t played with it lately (I retired my DroboShare), but last time I edited it, I could swear it survived a reboot.

I just checked again to make sure. I uncommented the following lines:
public = yes
ok guest = yes
in the [Drobo] section. I then rebooted the droboshare (with the droboshare web based admin utility and once it came back my edits were gone.

Anyone know how to edit this file without it being cleared after reboots?

Hmm, guess I never rebooted my DroboShare after making edits.

DroboShare must have some sort of persistent storage available where this could be done - or a means to add a configuration edit/replacement and restart of smbd upon startup…

Sorry can’t be more helpful.

The Droboshare rebuilds smb.conf after reboots. There was a Droboapp called Multi Folders that did some smb.conf tricks – essentially it rewrote the smb.conf file and then restarted smbd so that it enabled multi user, protected access. I speculate that the reasone smbconf is regenerated upon reboot is to ensure it has a known configuration, i.e. a Drobo may be added or removed since the last reboot.

any idea where to get this Droboapp you call “Multi Folders”. I also have the request to have different mounting points on my Droboshare like /Drobo/movies and not only full “root” access.

i wrote a tiny script/app - custom-config

adding custom-config dir to droboapps,
script called custom-config-start.sh which just copies my pre written smb.conf [ copy kept in custom-config ] from that directory over the top of /etc/smb.conf

this works fine as the drobo has re-writen the /etc/smb.conf before starting the drobo apps

and gives me a nice base to ad dall other customisations to


Where might I get this? Perhaps this will finally allow me to use a PCH-C-200 media player with a Droboshare.


It doesn’t seem to work with the newer firmware. It was integrated with droboadmin but isn’t in the most recent version.

I wanted the same ability that you mentioned and tried it…