SMB & AFP filenames hell. iSCSI possible?


Drobo support team is trying to figure out a way to have my iTunes Library stored on Drobo5N works on both my Mac via AFP and SMB for other systems.
One could argue I could use SMB to mount the share on Mac, but doing so looses the metadatas I rely on (like already set icons, etc.).

The problem with my iTunes Library is capitalized folder names. As an example, the artist “Les Croquants” exists with this capitalization as well as “les Croquants”. This is the way iTunes create and stores files, I can’t look for every occurrence of the problem and correct the metadata. I need something reliable.
When displaying these directories with Finder on the SMB share, it gets totally confused and flash various folder names, can’t count their size, etc.
Running a diff -rq between AFP and SMB share finds a lot of differences.
Another downside is that I have to use SMB for LiveDrive remote backups, and with that SMB issue it can’t access all my files. So I don’t have a reliable offsite backup as of now.

Drobo support is trying to implement case sensitivity to SMB with no much success so far.

Do you have an idea on how I could get out of this?
Has (the Almighty) Ricardo a way to implement a more recent version of SMB?

And lastly, I was wondering if there is a way to create an iSCSI volume with this device, as it should give me some reliability using HFS+ directly for storing files I don’t need to share.

I thank you for your time, and wish you all a great day.