Small Poll regarding ESX


I am just curious - who owns a Pro and is happy with iSCSI and/or ESX? Connectivity, Speed etc.

Please just answer “good” or “bad”.
In case of “bad” you may add a few lines describing your issues.


slow, dropouts. slightly faster using as raw LUN, but still not good.
missing management tools while connected to ESX.

Good! Windows 2003/2008 + ESXi 4 + AppAssure Replay4 CDP mainly for the storage array + Smart Volume.

speed - acceptable; dropouts - we don’t experience that; the lack of management tools that really depends - there are many free tools out there.

Good - when mine wakes up on startup and works its very good speed wise in comparrision with USB and FW… its the issues I am facing with the startup / wakeup that is most anoying on WIN7 64…

I have an ongoing case open at this time - we are trying different things… I was using iSCSI on XP pro with no issues and great speed…

Bad! Finally with Firmware 1.1.3 the DroboPro is stable - no data loss or corruption. I have mine running non-stop with two servers connected to it. First server is a Windows Storage Server 2008 connected to a 16TB NTFS volume. Second is an OpenSuSE 11.1 server connected to a 2TB ext3 volume. Speed is unremarkable, especially compared to my QNAP and ReadyNAS storage devices that outperform the DroboPro by FAR, for about the same price, with more capabilities on top of that.

BUT the real problem is that with multiple servers, like I have it set up, I have absolutely no option for remote admin. There is no dashboard, no ability to remotely monitor for faults (i.e. no mail alerts), and no ability to create new volumes, unless I shut both servers down and hook up a machine via USB do to all the admin tasks. UNFORGIVEABLE!

With all the problems reported and the SLOW speed, this would be the LAST thing I would run ESX on!